Monday, November 8, 2010


Mods split into several groups around 1966. Some became "fashion-conscious hippies" sticking to fashion and R&B (Hebdige 55). Skins were left behind consumerism and created unique style.

Mods and Skins were both working-class young. Mods dressed up as bourgeois, while Skins emphasized their class.
Skins' uniforms were " kind[s] of caricature of the model worker" ( Phil Cohen).That was "cropped hair, braces, short, wide Levi jeans or functional sta-pressed trousers, plain or striped button-down Ben Sherman shirts and highly polished Doctor Marten Boots" (Hebdige 55). Sometimes they wore pork-pie hat inspired from Jamaican.
They combined white tough workers and black rude boy(Jamaican gangs wearing suits as the imitation of Hollywood movies).

They used holiday watching footballs (they are said to be the originators of hooligans), so rarely danced in the club. But they loved rocksteady (Jamaican slow popular music), early reggae and Motown sounds.

In 2007, "This is England," a movie about Skins, was shown.

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