Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Punks stole compounded all trends, and created chaotic style in the middle of 1970s .
According to Hebdige, punk movement was born from these musics: glitter-rock, American proto-punk, London pub-rock inspired by Mods, Soul and Reggae (25).
Also, punks broke a rule of dancing. Dance was originally the action for expressing feelings or courting, but they danced with vacant minds. Concern with the opposite sex was looked down (108,109).
Alike, their clothes were totally absurd. Their clothes involved every features of every decades: leather jackets of Rockers, ties of Mods, Dr. Martin boots of Skins...etc. They used even daily goods: garbage bags, masking tapes and razor blades decorated their dresses elegantly. They loved breaking taboos. School uniforms were ripped and combined with SM goods such as chains and bondage suits. All elements were fixed with safety pins, as its lettered.

Hebdige cited the words of Johnny Rotten, who was a front-man of The Sex Pistols: "We're into chaos not music" (109).

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