Monday, November 8, 2010


First, Mods were born from jazz. Jazz fans wore suits as players did.
Or Hebdige said Mods were the young in the working class imitating blacks' style (52).
According to Markowitz, however, they became to placed themselves as "opposite to rockers or teddy boys" (128).
Anyway,in the 1960s, the young wearing "Modern" clothes appeared in England.

The picture on the left is Mods band, The Kinks. The picture below is The Who. Also clothes The Beatles wore in early days were Mods.-> Swinging London, the Beatles
Mods wore refined Slim fit suits with its lapel decorated with velvet, colorful button-down shirts and ties, sunglasses, short hair, and rode imported scooters. Over the suits they flung on military jacket, which are called "Mods coat" now, as you seen in the picture at the last of this article.
Generally they dressed neatly. The reason why they used scooters was to keep their clothes clean. Motorcycles, which were loved by rockers, got clothes dirty by exhaust.

Their style were matched with school and place of work, but in the evening they disappeared. They hid under the ground from "straight world." They felt at ease in clubs, discos, boutiques, and record shops listening to Soul, Modern Jazz, Ska and R&B.
They loved fashion and rare musics of blacks. They danced at the club all night long.

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  1. You explained how rock musicians had influenced fashions briefly, but in detail. This blog was easy for me to read since you are using many kinds of pictures effectively.
    I thought again that fashion and music are closely connected, through reading your blog.